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BGS is a data-rich organisation with over 400 datasets in its care.

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GeoCoast Premium

GeoCoast is an integrated GIS package of datasets designed to inform and support coastal management and adaptation.

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Varying glacial deposits at Happisburgh, Norfolk
GeoCoast Open

GeoCoast Open provides a range of historic images and diagrams extracted from our archives, memoirs and other publications, which can provide a reference for coastal change.

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GeoClimate UKCP09 and UKCP18

BGS has developed a suite of products, including maps and data, which show potential change in subsidence due to UKCP climate change scenarios

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BGS Civils corrosivity sample ferrous
BGS Civils: corrosivity ferrous

The BGS corrosivity dataset is a GIS layer supporting the management of underground iron assets that has been created in response to the growing awareness of the cost of maintenance of structures such as pipelines and building foundations.

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Map Viewers

Geology of Britain viewer
Geology of Britain viewer

The Geology of Britain viewer is a simple tool, aimed at the general public, which helps you explore the geology where you live.

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GeoIndex (onshore)

Search BGS datasets using GeoIndex, a map-based index of a wealth of information that we have collected or have obtained from other sources.

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GeoIndex Offshore
GeoIndex (offshore)

The offshore GeoIndex shows the range of marine geoscience data held by the BGS within the National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC).

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UKSO viewer
UK Soil Observatory

The UK Soil Observatory is a collaboration of institutions providing and delivering information about the diverse soil types of the UK.

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Information Hub

Minerals online sample Specimen Card for the pegmatite deposits of Virginia, USA.
BGS Mineral Index card catalogue

The BGS Mineral Index is card catalogue of mineral intelligence references covering the years 1917–1980.

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Vocabularies web service

The vocabulary service has been implemented as a RESTful web service delivering lists of standardised terms covering a range of geoscience topics.

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BGS geoscience vocabularies provide consistency in our classification systems by controlling the spelling and terms used in our data holdings.

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BGS library cards
Library online card catalogue: UDC

Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) sequence for geographic areas.

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Application programming interfaces (APIs)

A standard software interface offering data access or data processing services between computers or computer programs.

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Coordinates converter - Pixabay
Coordinate converter

Convert British National Grid to latitude and longitude (WGS84) via online form, web service or bulk conversion.

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Sensor data

Real-time monitoring of environmental phenomena is a large and growing area of interest at the BGS and wider research communities.

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GeoIndex layers
GeoIndex WMS

GeoIndex datasets have been made available as WMS. These web services allow you to bring the GeoIndex data layers into your own mapping software.

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