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You can explore and download a range of free-to-view, BGS maps to help you explore the rocks around where you live or to learn more about geological time and climate change.

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Geology of Britain viewer

Geology of Britain viewer

The Geology of Britain viewer is a simple tool, aimed at the general public, which helps you explore the geology where you live.

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Make-a-map is an interactive geological map of the British Isles. It is intended for amateur geologists, students and teachers looking for an overview of the geology of the British Isles.

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Colour in Geology map

Colour-in geology map of the UK and Ireland

Are you puzzled by the Periods or do you have errors by your Eras? Did you know that two or more Periods comprise a geological Era? Two or more Eras form an Eon?

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GeoUK and Ireland map

The UK and Ireland host a wide range of fascinating geology providing ‘secret’ walks through breathtaking scenery, literary inspiration, idyllic holiday destinations and the building materials for historic monuments.

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3D geological models in Minecraft

Download our 3D geology models, as Minecraft worlds, and learn how geology can influence the landscape. We have built a number of different worlds, which will allow you to explore underground and learn about the rocks that lie beneath the surface.

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Discovering Geology introduces a range of geoscience topics to school-age students and learners of all ages.

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Maps and resources feature image P542895

Maps and resources

Download and print free educational resources.

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